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“Adventures in Product” has seen a few weeks of tumbleweeds recently due to my international travel through the month of January. Such is the plight of the single-author blog. I’m currently getting my head back on straight and working to resume the New Feature’s Commercial Plan series. I want to offer you in the meantime a fantastic post published recently on Strategy D.

While a product manager, I often encountered the problem of having a misunderstood role. Few professionals are aware of the fluidity between product management and product marketing. Many are surprised by how much the responsibilities of each can differ between companies. And by the many names under which each discipline can operate–Technical Product Marketer, Product Strategist, Product Owner, Category Manager, and many more! The product world (like much of tech) feels fraught with arbitrary, confusing titles.

Fear not, gentle reader. Strategy D’s “Product Management at the Edges” offers clarity.

Note this post is the second in a series of really good posts on Strategy D.